What is WDAP?

A unique signature of the Honors Ambassador Council since 2013, the Welcome Day After Party for Honors (WDAP) is our annual accepted students day event. We recognize that often times prospective students are more comfortable talking to and learning about the Honors College from current students.

WDAP addresses this by separating prospective students and their family member(s) into two separate venues.

In one location, prospective students are free to mingle and interact with current Honors students, Honors professors, and each other - often developing friendships that carry through into their first semester and beyond!

In a separate location, parents are invited to a question-and-answer session with the Dean ofthe Honors College, Dr. James Canning.

By the end of WDAP, both students and parents alike are exposed to the full Honors College experience.

Meet the Team

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