What We Do

The Honors Ambassador Council is an entrepreneurial, student-run organization at the University of Massachusetts Lowell dedicated to promoting and advancing the Honors College through enhancing enriching experiences in the College, the University, and the Community. The Council serves as an execution layer connecting the needs of the Honors student body and the resources possessed by the University. The Council holds events for prospective students, creates new courses and conferences, organizes Honors events on campus, holds open forums, interacts with community organizations, and more.

We're a Different Type of Student Group

We’re a small, driven group of students looking to change the culture here.
We’re attracting top-notch students, running top-notch programs, and making a real impact.

We’re a team that values a flat structure, an agile process, solid partnerships, and above all, only putting our name on quality projects. We’re run by students and for students in order to make this school a better place to be. We’re a startup both on campus and in the community and we’re delivering results that are being recognized more every month.

We’re growing up outside of the normal constraints (both real and imagined) that most groups face. We don’t have a president or e-board because we don’t need that. We don’t have a hands-on faculty advisor that directs our every move. We don’t even have a formal budget. Yet somehow, in under a year, we’ve managed to grab the University’s attention and now have official standing as a recognized ambassador program.

What We Believe

This is what brings us together. This is what we’re all about.
It’s really not often that you find a group of students this diverse that have such a common philosophy.
We treasure this– it’s our “unified diversity” that makes us such a cohesive, driven, and effective team.